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Cyber Security website launched

After meetings in new York City in April 2009, I began working with Marty Schmidt, Executive Vice President of InformationDefense Corporation based in New Jersey.

The company is one of the leading Cyber Security providers in the US.

The company required a great looking new site, with dynamic blog functionality, that would rank better in search engines than their old website.

We discussed a new domain name for the site, to make it more intuitive, easier to remember, and in fact better for search engine optimization.

Marty was very happy with initial designs, and after some modification, the new site was swiftly completed and launched.

Here’s the finished site:

As you can see, the InfoD team are now regularly posting news and updating the site themselves after some instruction from me.

They have a great looking, dynamic site with all the functionality they required, so this was a job well done!


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