Green, Eco Friendly Web Hosting now offered at discount subsidised rates to all clients in the UK, USA & worldwide

Subsidised,  Discount Green Web Hosting with every website design commission

Early this year Creating Causes became a partner of one of the worlds leading Green Web Hosting Providers, AISO based in California, USA.

Their servers are powered by solar energy, backed up of course by batteries. It is a little known fact that the IT Industry worldwide emits as many harmful CO2 emissions as the airline industry – see the link and information on our environmental policy page for more details.

Not only are the servers powered by the sun, the cooling system uses innovative and low energy natural solutions using water and air. See more information about these remarkable solutions here.

Creating Causes are proud to be a partner with AISO, and having worked with them on many websites during the previous year with no complaints, only praise for their integrity and quality of service, we now offer a new product for all future clients.

We are offering a discount hosting package – subsidised by us – with every new website design commission. Creating Causes pays to be a reseller for AISO, in this way we qualify for discount packages which are significantly more reasonable than any other regular Green hosting package currently available. Instead of making a markup, we pass this saving directly onto clients, in this way encouraging them to host green.

Clients pay no more than a regular hosting package (often significantly less), and for every new client who chooses this option, it’s one less website taking up server space on an ordinary, polluting web hosting server.

In this way we hope to be a small part of the solution, not remain part of the problem for this world.


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