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10 Tips to Green IT – MD interviewed for US online News Magazine

Roger Hyde, Managing Director of Creating Causes, was recently interviewed by the Online Magazine ‘Small Business Computing’.

The Canadian Journalist Gerry Blackwell contacted Roger who is also a consultant for North Carolina based Environmental Consultancy ConsultITgreen.

The question asked was ‘What are the things that small businesses can do to reduce the carbon footprint of their computer / telecom operations?’

Roger’s essential main points were focused on 3 areas:

  • Research and Learn
    Understand what it is in your current habits, office systems and business practices that is using energy and wasting money, from this will come a baseline for future improvements, while saving energy and money.
  • Reduce Equipment Use & Power Consumption
    There are many ways to do this, from optimizing power settings on devices, switching off all products / chargers when not being used, outsource server hosting where possible, seek out a green web host, consider VOIP based phone rather than land based… the list is long and worth investigating further for sure!
  • Replace Hardware with Energy Efficient & Greener Products
    Repairing or upgrading older hardware is greener than purchasing new, but consider a new laptop will save 80% of the energy of an old desktop PC with a big old monitor. Also, make use of new technology to save buying multiple products – multifunction printers with fax, scanner etc, and new PDA devices getting away from needing separate MP3 players, GPS, HD camera and basic digital camera. Always look out for products on the Energy Star website too before purchasing new electrical products.

The full article, can be seen here: The article ’10 tips to Green IT’


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