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Doug Scott Plymouth charity fundraising website launched

Doug Scott Plymouth lectureCreating Causes are please to announce the launch of a website presenting a charity fundraising event in Plymouth in October 2013.

Renowned mountaineer Doug Scott was invited to Plymouth by Creating Causes owner Roger Hyde, who in the past has volunteered the services of Creating Causes to help with the website of Doug’s charity Community Action Nepal (CAN). Roger also volunteers with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth (DSRTP).

During Doug’s 2013 lecture series, he is visiting Plymouth on October 23rd to give a lecture titled “Significant and Joyous Moments of Being in the Mountains”. 100% of revenue from ticket sales for the evening, will be split 50/50 and donated to both CAN and DSRTP. Creating Causes are underwriting the costs of event, and have donated time and resources to helping organise and market the evening.

The event is also being kindly supported by Plymouth University who are donating the space and their resources, also numerous other volunteers from the DSRTP team, and among others, the British Mountaineering Council who are also helping market the event.

See the Doug Scott Plymouth Lecture event website here.

See the event Facebook page here.

See the website for Community Action Nepal which was designed and donated by Creating Causes here.

See the website of Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth here.


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