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Environmental Policy

A surprising 2007 report by a world leading IT Research company reports that 2% of global CO2 emissions come from the ICT (Information & Communications technology) industry.

This figure does include all computers, industrial servers, the hardware needed to make them run, and the telecoms industry, but it is the same as the aviation industry!

There’s no doubt that each web search, social networking site update, and SMS we send has an impact.

Creating Causes aims to acknowledge this impact, and mitigate it with sensible policies working to constantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Creating Causes Office

  • The Creating Causes office is within walking distance of Plymouth City Centre, resulting in an emissions free commute.
  • Hardware purchases are always made with the environment in mind. If new hardware is required, low energy rated products are always sought.
  • Printed publicity is kept to a minimum, where printing is required, recycled paper / card is used.

Website hosting

Our company website is hosted with Affordable Internet Solutions based in California. Their servers and operations are all powered by 100% solar energy. See their website here www.aiso.net. Our US and international customer’s websites are hosted on this server at discounted rates comparable to normal managed hosting to encourage uptake.


Creating Causes chooses to bank with one of the worlds most ethical banks, Triodos. The Bank uses money deposited by customers like us and lends it to hundreds of organisations, such as fair trade initiatives, organic farms, cultural and arts initiatives, renewable energy projects, and social enterprises.

Promotion of green & ethical causes

For many years Roger Hyde, Managing Director of Creating Causes has worked for non-profits as a volunteer – for many years full time – he’s also been involved in UK based nature conservation work, humanitarian work in Central Africa, and in recent years in the establishment of dulabab.com – an online green initiative with the intention of sharing common sense environmental information.

Creating Causes devotes significant resources to assisting non-profits operating globally with their technology consultation, website design and website hosting – often at no cost to that organization, or at least at reduced costs.

We do this not as some tax dodge, or part of a corporate marketing strategy, but simply because it is the right thing to do.


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