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Technology Consulting

Roger Hyde, Remote area communications

Remote area satellite communications, 2014

Remote Area Communications

We have been involved in developing innovative application of leading technology to ensure remotely deployed teams remain safe and totally connected.

  • Efficient planning of requirements in order to ensure most cost effective and safe deployment of communications equipment
  • Mobile deployment of handheld, BGAN and VSAT satellite terminals for HD data connectivity
  • Compressed live video feed software integration enabling remote video feeds viewable on any other online workstation globally
  • Software integration ensuring complete audit trail of all communications during any operation

UAV Reconnaissance Consulting

Roger Hyde Drone / UAV operator

Roger Hyde operating a UAV / Drone on Discovery Channel / Channel 4 production ‘The Plane Crash’, Mexico 2012

In previous years Creating Causes MD Roger Hyde has helped pioneer solutions for using cutting edge small UAVs / Drones in disaster response scenarios. Pioneering an innovative network of hi-tech drones, mobile satellite communications and secure networking, he oversaw the live testing of what was then a unique solution.

After training on and trialling the technology in Europe and North America, it was used successfully during the Discovery Channel / Channel 4 documentary ‘The Plane Crash’ during which a Boeing 727 was deliberately crashed into a Mexican Desert. The drone was used to assess the safe status of the crashed aircraft before emergency crews moved in.

Now volunteering with a Mountain / Search and Rescue (SAR) Team on Dartmoor in South West England, Roger led the initially unsuccessful project to raise £50,000 of national lottery money to fund the first SAR ‘Rescue Drone’. This would have been the first dedicated commercial drone of its kind to be used by a civilian Search and Rescue team within Europe we believe, possibly globally. read about the ‘Rescue Drone’ project here. Ongoing efforts to find alternative funding sources continue.

Within a few years this pioneering technology will be prevalent. For now, Creating Cause MD Roger Hyde is helping pioneer the application of this technology which will inevitably save lives, more quickly and effectively.

Read more about this ‘Rescue Drone’ project here.

Asset & Personnel Tracking

Working with some of the worlds leading phone manufacturers and other technicians, we have been involved in developing products enabling Pole – Pole tracking potential for assets and individuals.

  • Customized user interface enabling simple viewing of tracked device
  • Tracking on mobile phones, hand held devices, laptops
  • Using IP, Cell tower and GPS positioning
  • Reports sent via GPRS, SMS or satellite data
  • Emergency panic features with appropriate backend response

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