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Internet & IT Consultancy

Within such a dynamic environment, where technologies come and go before you can say ‘Blogging’ or ‘Twitter’, we can help decipher overnight fashion from market trends, while helping establish and maintain secure and lasting infrastructure in your office and online.

This service could include:

  • Improving your current web strategy
  • Setting up physical and virtual secure networking

Improving a current web strategy

You have a business, you have a website. Does it work for you, does it meet your needs? Do you feel it is performing as well as it could be – are you getting much traffic from it – do you even know? Most importantly, is your web presence doing what you want?

Some companies simply want a discreet online brochure web presence, others need a high profile site generating lots of traffic from people searching online.  Every business has different needs, every business needs a custom web strategy.

For years we have dealt with the full spectrum of Businesses – from small business owners to multinationals delivering them measurable results. We can do the same for your business.

Physical & Virtual Secure Networking

Rarely a day goes by when a new cyber scare is not in the news.  We’re constantly being warned of online attacks from foreign governments, business competitors or perhaps our neighbors hacking our wireless… These are real concerns for sure, and can and should be planned for with appropriate measures being undertaken.

We’re often surprised at the lack of direct physical security for data and networks when I visit large multinationals.  They may have sophisticated transcontinental backup, and secure tunnels, but nothing stopping a casual visitor walking out of the door with a server containing all their company information and client data.

We manage physical and virtual security projects combining leading edge technical solutions with common sense physical security measures.

We have partnered with one of the best in cyber security companies in the world to ensure ground breaking solutions you can have complete confidence in.


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