secure tech & comms




Creating Causes is a boutique technology company, specialising in understanding what are often complex information technology challenges, then providing innovative, practical and secure solutions.

Beginning with photography and print design in the early 90s, we quickly adapted to providing pioneering website development to non-profits with a global reach in 1995. The early 2000’s saw further innovation in the new art of search engine optimisation, before a move into more secure, and sustainable IT solutions.

While continuing to provide secure and environmentally conscious web and app development and hosting needs, the team grew to focus on unique approaches to remote area secure communications as well as asset and personnel tracking for security companies, global bespoke telecom providers, UHNW clients and disaster relief non-profits.

In the early 2010’s we were innovating in the use of mobile drone technology, developing what was at the time, a unique and mobile method for providing a live unmanned drone feed from anywhere on the planet to be received using satellite technology anywhere on the planet.

Concurrent to all of these innovations, we have kept abreast of all modern media capture capabilities, still gathering stunning stills and high definition video from every corner of the world.